$89.00 USD

The Wisdom in Oral Function, Breastfeeding, and Foundational Living

Join us for this transformative 2 hour webinar discussing the wisdom in oral function, breastfeeding, and foundational living. In this virtual offering, we explored the power of movement, energetic charge, breastfeeding in an open posture. And brought a refreshing, holistic perspective on oral function and family well-being.

We share our insights to help guide families to tapping into their intuitive knowing to make informed decisions for your family, instead of simply following the prevailing narrative. 

This webinar replay includes a glimpse into the "Evolution of Lip and Tongue Tie" course, providing a comprehensive understanding of the valuable content available for those seeking a deeper dive into these topics. We also offer live demonstrations on breastfeeding positions and body positions to create openness and expansion in you and your baby. Alongside attendee Q+A throughout.


What you'll receive:

  • Understanding the wisdom in oral dysfunction and how it can impact your family
  • Exploring "midline restrictions" and their connection to movement
  • 3 Breastfeeding demonstration positions that promote expansion 
  • Ways to resource yourself and your family 
  • Shifting your focus from "fixing problems" to understanding the information they hold for your life