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Join us for our monthly connection calls & a community of mamas breastfeeding around the world. Access all previous recordings that cover much of the 'Generative Habits' content applied to our member's personal experiences. 

Generative Habits: Breastfeeding Edition

Humans are creatures of habit. Whether something is intentional or unintentional, the thing is done. This course calls into awareness the habits that support breastfeeding. How our human body lives in the modern world affects our primal function. Breastfeeding is a biological, primal function that is environment-dependent. In days gone by, our village, lifestyle, and communities would have fully supported our infant feeding needs. Those days are gone, and our families and bodies have adapted. We explore different aspects of the human experience, the relationship to the village, and the ancestral imprint in relation to breastfeeding.

Molly, Natalie, and Michale deconstruct every part of our environment so that you can maximize the power of ecology. The relationship between our human body and the environment is like a plant. Light, food, movement, shelter, and location are all a part of our ecology, the relationship between our bodies and our environment.

This is not a “how to” breastfeeding course. Generative Habits is about all of the factors that affect breastfeeding from an environmental perspective.

We're covering:


    • Health foundations

    • Modernization & Haplotype
    • Generational Wisdom 

    • Mom-Baby Dyad 

    • Motherhood energetics 
    • Uncovering Breastfeeding 

    • Breastfeeding 0-12months 

    • Breastfeeding 12+ months 

    • Bowspring/postural Principles for Mom

    • Perceived Exceptions
    • Biologic Oral Presentation

    • Utilizing salt, light, cold, your environment, food, water, sleep, EMF and movement as sustainable ways to thrive with your family